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April 2011 News

Bingo Liner News April 2011

Top Winners

Player Amount Game Date
Roman Riches
alper15 1067 Flower Power 6-Apr-2011
bethbarry 1500 Jackpot Jamboree 11-Apr-2011
bubblelipz 1500 Slots of Bingo 4-Apr-2011
Caz16 2357 Riches of Wonderland 30-Mar-2011
cogitoergosuml 1259 Pyramids of Cash 8-Apr-2011
frankly 3708 Riches of Wonderland 8-Apr-2011
jason2881 1800 Roman Riches 30-Mar-2011
Jen1977 4500 Slots of Bingo 4-Apr-2011
joejo61 1009 Galaxy of Riches 11-Apr-2011
jonnyj 1037 Lost City of Atlantis 30-Mar-2011
leefly69 2500 Pyramids of Cash 5-Apr-2011
Maddy20 1125 Jungle Fever 12-Apr-2011
Maggs12 1151 Genie Fortune 5-Apr-2011
Memi 1500 Enchanted Garden 31-Mar-2011
NathGhis 1250 The Posh Life 30-Mar-2011
Natstar26 2000 Genie Fortune 7-Apr-2011
ninoush 1270 Galaxy of Riches 8-Apr-2011
onlinemum 1006 Lost City of Atlantis 2-Apr-2011
QUAFF 1017 Galaxy of Riches 2-Apr-2011
richman96 5050 Galaxy of Riches 5-Apr-2011
roselyn8r 2675 CashCarousel 31-Mar-2011
shancail61 4504 Spinning Spurs 10-Apr-2011
Smilieman 1855 Enchanted Garden 2-Apr-2011
snazzy11 2265 Jungle Fever 11-Apr-2011
stormy09 1001 Galaxy of Riches 8-Apr-2011
tamrock2010 2496 Genie Fortune 30-Mar-2011
tashaisback 1255 Galaxy of Riches 8-Apr-2011


$2,675.00 win ~ Cash Carousel - 31 March 2011
Thank you, hope to spend it for holiday as in three weeks time I'll be going to Thailand sory I couldn't send
any photo because if anyone knows me that I've been gumbling in the net and my husband finds out then
that would be the end.~roselyn8r

$5,050.00 win ~ Galaxy of Riches - 5 April 2011
It was a great win – I have been playing on this site for years and this is among one of the big wins My wife and the “girls” are heading to Los Vegas this week  so she can now have some gambling money lol
Thank you Bingo Liner ~richman96
$1,259.00 win ~ Pyramids of Cash~8 April 2011
"I was literally "blown away" with the super win on Pyramids of Cash!
Like many others I always thought that a "big win" was for those who bet big...
At BingoLiner I enjoyed extensive gameplay and an excellent payout for a modest start of $20! The win comes at a time of heavy quarterly bills and car repairs.
I will settle the bills/repairs, and head off into the sunset in my (repaired) car for a long weekend soon.

HUGE thanks to BingoLiner

"I will be back", and anticipate the fun, excitement and great service rovided BingoLiner hosts. ~ cogitoergosuml

$1,001.00 win ~ Galaxy of Riches - 11 April 2011
i would like to say a HUGE thankyou again, the money i won is going towards flights for a overseas holiday
for my family and I ~stormy09


Mega Bingo has begun!

It's the start of a brand new month, and to celebrate, we're giving away thousands of dollars in guaranteed cash prizes.

Have a look at the MegaBingo Game schedule for January.

Everyday untill the 31st of March,, you can stand the chance of winning $1,000 Daily.

MegaBingo Monthly Details

Pot O' Gold - April Monthly Competition

Pot O' Gold

Do you ever dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Get your share of a fabulous $2,000 BB prize by
winning bingo on each of these numbers this month:

* 4 * 7 * 13 * 29 * 33 * 37 * 50 * 58 * 65 * 70 *

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Loyalty Club

What does this mean? Bingo Liner rewards all of our loyal players with exclusive benefits each month. Your loyalty status is based on the following: deposits, wagering, time spent in the site as well as feedback from the CMs. For more information, visit the website.

5) Deposit bonus specials

Deposit Bonus

Every Saturday during March: 100% back on all deposits for all players.
Make sure your combined real and BB balance is less than $5 to get the bonus.

Free Games

Make sure you're actively playing bingo, and make a deposit at least once every 7 days, to qualify for our free bingo hours.

Day Time (EST) Loyalty Level
Tuesday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond

New player bonuses

For New Players
10 free on Bingo, 200 Free Slot Spins - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED
300% match on 1st deposit.


Bingo Liner has many exciting tournaments for you to choose from.

Saturday Spinsation
Any Colour Will Do
Reel and Deal
Side Games

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