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Feb2011 News 1

1) Top Winners

Player Amount Game Date
shancail61 1057 Galaxy of Riches 20 January 2011
judee 1212 Riches of Wonderland 20 January 2011
fancynancy69 1232 Enchanted Garden 21 January 2011
Maddy20 1800 Mad Scientist 21 January 2011
julius1968 2164.13 Bingo Jackpot 21 January 2011
athor 1515 Jungle Fever 21 January 2011
snazzy11 2015 Slots of Bingo 22 January 2011
becmelb 1014 Galaxy of Riches 23 January 2011
Frogthing 1125 Jungle Fever 23 January 2011
Molly15 1203.75 Mad Scientist 23 January 2011
livinthadream 1165.5 Jungle Fever 25 January 2011
hooterscanada 1026.25 Lost City of Atlantis 25 January 2011
coyote00 1367 Jackpot Jamboree 25 January 2011
abhapatience 1005 Galaxy of Riches 26 January 2011
Wenlot 1125 Blackbeards Booty 26 January 2011
joejo61 1579.87 Bingo Jackpot 26 January 2011
Biddyboo7 1002.5 Lost City of Atlantis 27 January 2011
lechanate 1500 Riches of Wonderland 27 January 2011
gypsy51 1127.25 Jungle Fever 28 January 201
waiting for 1 3807.5 Slots of Bingo 28 January 201
hazebe 2510 Pyramids of Cash 28 January 201
HDivision 1001.25 Lost City of Atlantis 28 January 201
dar123 1028.75 Lost City of Atlantis 28 January 201
kiwibird66 3830.23 Bingo Jackpot 29 January 2011
proud2callubud 1004.8 The Posh Life 29 January 2011
mallydumb 1000 Riches of Wonderland 29 January 2011
jaybea 1545.94 Bingo Jackpot 30 January 2011
Black74 1419.58 Bingo Jackpot 30 January 2011
HJERTER DAME 1882.5 Slots of Bingo 01 February 2011


$2,520 win ~ Pyramids Of Cash
"Wow! I couldn't believe my win. Of course, some will be used to pay off Christmas debt, but a holiday savings plan is in order." ~ poorlamb

$1,012.50 win ~ Lost City Of Atlantis
"I'm going to plan a holiday with my husband and donate some money to a flood charity" ~ annemarie58
$1,125 win ~ Jungle Fever ~ 23 January 2011
"Thank you very much for the win. It's my girlfriends birthday soon, so there will be an extra birthday gift for her this year :-) Thank you again for a great game and the fun." ~ Frogthing
$1,024 win ~ Enchanted Garden ~ 19 January 2011
"I was thrilled with the win and it will come in handy to pay off some of the monthly bills that we always seem to get lol! Thanks so much!" ~ Caracara
$2,409 win ~ Mad Scientist ~ 15 January 2011
"I logged in to play your massive Bingo Jackpot and I started playing my favorite side game Mad Scientist. I spun a few times then got into the bonus round. I was so excited when I got a line with a wild and it paid 4 times the bet. I love this new game. I plan to buy a new laptop and then play more Bingo Liner games. Thank You Bingo Liner and Mad Scientist." ~ timm

2) MegaBingo Marathon - Voyage to Vegas

A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS is up for grabs on March 5, 2011

One action-packed Mega Bingo game could send you and a friend on a 7 day trip to the most popular destination in the world! Make sure to get your Mega Bingo tickets to stand a chance to be the lucky winner!


The Mega BIngo game will play at 10pm (22:00) EST on Saturday, March 5, 2011 The card cost is $2 per card. Get 5 cards FREE for each 5 cards you purchase.

Pre-buy your tickets anytime between now and game time!

MegaBingo Monthly Details

3) Fell the Love - February Monthly Competition

Feel the Love...
The month of February is the month of love and there's nothing we would love more than for you to win this month's competition twice!

Yes, you can win the competition numbers twice and get credited 2 times! Once you manage to bingo on all the numbers, you get to start all over again!

Take a seat and get your bingo cards because you need to bingo on and claim the following numbers:

2 | 11 | 22 | 33 | 44 | 55 | 66

Once you have all the numbers, you will be a winner of the competition!

Get your competition information

4) Loyalty Club

What does this mean? Bingo Liner rewards all of our loyal players with exclusive benefits each month. Your loyalty status is based on the following: deposits, wagering, time spent in the site as well as feedback from the CMs. For more information, visit the website.


5) Deposit bonus specials

12th February 2011, Saturday: 100% back on all deposits for all players.
Make sure your combined real and BB balance is less than £5 to get the bonus.

6) Free Games

Make sure you're actively playing bingo, and make a deposit at least once every 7 days, to qualify for our free bingo hours.

Day Time (EST) Loyalty Level
Tuesday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond

7) New player bonuses

For New Players
10 free on Bingo, 200 Free Slot Spins - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED
300% match on 1st deposit.

8) Tournaments

Bingo Liner has many exciting tournaments for you to choose from.

Saturday Spinsation
Any Colour Will Do
Reel and Deal
Side Games


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