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$2,500 Cash Prize ~ MegaBingo 30th April
Have you got your tickets for the $2,500 guaranteed MegaBingo prize game? If not, you’ve still go time! The game will play on Saturday, the 30th of April at 22:00 EST. Pre-buy your tickets at the Bingo table or in the MegaBingo room. For more information go to the MegaBingo Page.

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Winners Corner at Bingo Liner
$1,125.00 won on Enchanted Garden
"Wow, I could not believe my luck but I am certainly going to put this money to good use.
I am going to pay a couple of bills and also get my kids computer fixed (it crashed just this week), I might just buy them a new one. Bingo Liner really is the best and the only site I enjoy playing on. Thanks again!" ~ Les567
$4,104.84 won on a Bingo Jackpot
"I want to thank Bingo Liner for my Jackpot Win!! I was playing and the JP was very high and when I won I thought that was quick. So, when I looked at number of balls to jackpot I knew I had hit it. It was after 2 am so I ran in and woke up my husband to tell him. It was so exciting I could hardly sleep but had to get up for work in a short time. In three days we are going to Mexico to attend a wedding on a resort-so the money will come in handy. Good luck to all players and hope you also can win big. Thanks again." ~ teacher0747
$1,001.25 won on Lost City of Atlantis
"Thank you for the win. I'm not sure what to do with my win, maybe go see the Grandkids." ~ Limewire
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