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Mega Marathon at the Liner
Friday 13th Special at Bingo Liner
There’s a $5,000 MegaMarathon happening at Bingo Liner, and you’re invited! We will be playing 5 special games every hour on Friday 13th at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm EST. The prize money for each game will be fabulous $1,000.00. Card costs are $1 per card and for every 5 you buy, we'll give you 5 free. That’s not all! If any of the MegaBingo games are won on a ball that ends in 1 or 3 we'll give you an extra $50 BB bonus and if any of the games are won on a ball that ends on no.13, an extra $100bb's is all yours! Visit the MegaBingo page for more information. Let’s make Friday 13th your lucky day!

Winners corner
Winners corner at Bingo Liner
Ozgal Ozgal won $1000.00 on Bingo
I only ever have played at Bingoliner as I love the site and everyone who play and of course our CM’s, I could not believe my luck when it came up I thought I was dreaming. I will use the money to go on a holiday for few days with my daughter. I just want to say I play at your site because your reliable- honest- and credible- Thank You Bingoliner Love Michelle xoxoxoxoxox
Bmonkey Bmonkey won $3312.50 on Slots
OMG... OMG...... and again, OMG.....uh uh Oh Myyyy. OMG again was about all i could muster for words for about 2 hours after the African safari wheels yielded the sweetest free spin run I have ever seen. The Smart thing to do (lol) was to make a WITHDRAWL and thank the unwinged bingo angel for tying me up in my chair so that i didn’t reverse the withdrawal.  I for the last year have been sitting at my computer seeking out the illusive instant change-my-life wager that would surely come, and fix my average problems. I have really enjoyed both sites and have grown a bit familiar with some of the staff and players and i would like to say thank you to all of you for helping me climb out of a very dark place in my life.  The African safari win will be a help in paying some bills that have slipped behind, I feel that I can now finally get out of the house, take a week in Mexico or mabye three, that’s if the political weather stays safely sunny. I would like to go back to school-art school and will be using some of this money to build a website for my music and artwork, and i invite you all on a tour of the site once it’s up. A give some back donation and a big huge bag of doggie bones for the pooch. And now I have to ask everyone a favour, the next time you see somebody having a bad time with lady luck, cheer them up or make a smile happen, or tell a really really bad joke and cross your fingers cause it could be you.  Thanks Liner and Cabin for the surprise win.  Take care and GLGLGLGL

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Monthly competition
$2,000 up for grabs with the monthly competition
Do you ever dream of the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Make your dreams come true by bingoing on all the monthly competition numbers, * 4 * 7 * 13 * 29 * 33 * 37 * 50 * 58 * 65 * 70 *
Once all the numbers have been bingo'd on, you'll qualify for a share of the Gold pot! How many numbers do you have so far? Check your progress here.

Email sweep stake
And the winners are...
The following players have each won a share of the 200BB sweepstake pot -

1more, 5kidsbusy, Anderson46, Marksmor, Jonnamor1933, Miss_Mara, mommaof7, raemillington, brookemaster, spoilt_xyld72

How to claim:
1) Make sure your login name is listed as one of the winners
2) Forward a copy of this newsletter to info@bingoliner.com with the subject line ‘email sweepstake’.

The bonus will be credited within 1 business day - winners have one week to claim their prize.

Check in here same time next week for our next group of lucky winners. Good luck!

Wilhelminalaan 13, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Promotion Terms and Conditions:

- 300% deposit bonus: credit will be credited to the BB account.
- Loyalty bonus can only be claimed once, and is valid until the 30th April 2012
- This promotion is only valid for the login name above, and cannot be transferred to another player.
- View the terms and conditions posted on the website for wagering requirements for promotional bonuses.