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Newsletter Summary What you'll find in this months Newsletter:
1. Loyalty status and Bonus
2. April Showers
3. Shakespeare Festival
4. $10,000 Must Go Mega Marathon
5. Monthly Email Sweepstake

Happy reading!

April Showers
Get showered with extra BBs this April
We’re showering you with loads of extra BB’s this month. Join us in the Bingo rooms on Monday 8 April where the CM will randomly announce that it's an April Showers game! The game winner(s) will not only win the cash bingo prize, but will also be credited an amount equal to the cash in BBs!

All players who have deposited in the 14 days leading up to the date and time of the April Showers game will be eligible to participate in the promotion.
Know your Shakespeare? Win Amazon vouchers!
On Tuesday 23 April, the Shakespeare tournament will run in the Starboard Lounge between 5am-6am, 11am-12pm, 3pm-4pm, 6pm-7pm and 8pm-9pm EST. Each correctly answered trivia question will win 3BBs and the player with the most correct answers at the end of the hour will be declared the tournament winner. In the event of a tie one question will be asked as a tie-breaker.

Each tournament winner will win a $50 Amazon gift certificate! All players who have deposited in the 14 days leading up to the date and time of the Shakespeare promotion will be eligible to participate.
$10,000 Must Go Mega Marathon
This month at Bingo Liner there’s going to be mayhem in the MegaBingo rooms, check out the schedule below:

Sun-Friday:  $1,000 Must Go - 11pm
Saturdays:  $2,500 Must Go - 11pm (except for Saturday, April 13th)
Saturday 13 April: Mega Marathon - $10,000 Must Go
  • $500 Must Go ($10k Jackpot) - 3pm
  • $1,000 Must Go ($10k Jackpot) - 5pm
  • $1,500 Must Go ($10k Jackpot) - 7pm
  • $2,000 Must Go ($10k Jackpot) - 9pm
  • $5,000 Must Go ($10k Jackpot) - 11pm
For more information, visit the MegaBingo page here
Monthly sweepstake
And the winners are...
The following players have each won a share of the 400BB sweepstake pot:

coyote00, toproblemchild, peaterette, mollywobbles, simply77, jane02, Tintin73, shelow123, fearless09, cooper25, frankybone, laughswins, FifiDragon, tanz76, blokette, earnestput, maddognumber0, skorpiansden, kidderkate, pdoggie

How to claim:
1. Make sure your login name is listed as one of the winners
2. Forward a copy of this newsletter to with the subject line 'email sweepstakes'

The bonus will be credited within 1 business day - winners have one week to claim their prize.

Check in here same time next month for our next group of lucky winners. Good luck!
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Refer a Friend

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won $1,871
Deuces Wild

"I recently started playing again on BingoLiner and have enjoyed playing all the games, especially the arcade and poker games. I had got down to my last $20 when I decided to play on the Deuces Wild, had been playing earlier but with no luck, had only been on there a couple of minutes when I hit the jackpot. WOW couldn't believe it just kept staring, thought it was a dream but no it had happened, $1871.00 was the jackpot. It certainly boosts your spirits. I will be having my 40th wedding anniversary in May so am going to put it towards a holiday with my husband."

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Compliments, complaints and suggestions are greatly valued as they help us to maintain and improve our service to you.

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