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Date: 10 March 2011

Basil72 ~ Our Las Vegas Trip Winner
Put your hands together for our Las Vegas winner, BASIL72! She has won our first ever MegaBingo giveaway trip to Las Vegas. Congratulations on winning this thrilling prize.

Here's what she had to say:
"We lost our precious labrador retriever BASIL recently to old age. He would have turned 13 years old on april 3rd. Basil, you were the best companion and my best friend. Thank you for giving me the unconditional love and the gift. I will always miss you. This trip to vegas will be a especially special to my husband and myself. Basil would have wanted us to enjoy." ~ Basil72

$1,000 Daily Giveaway ~ MegaBingo Madness
Every day in March be sure to join in on the action, as we are giving out $1,000 daily in our MegaBingo Madness games. Games will play at 10pm EST daily, so be sure to get your tickets at the bingo table, or in the MegaBingo room. Join the MegaBingo Madness now!
View all the MegaBingo information here.

New Tournament ~ Rainbow Connection
It's time to reveal our newly revised Rainbow Connection tournament! The tournament runs weekly - from Monday to Sunday. At the end of each game, the colour of your best card will be used to determine points. Most points in each colour category wins for each Loyalty Level. Start making your way up the Rainbow connection leaderboard. View all the Rainbow connection information here.

Winners Corner aboard Bingo Liner

$1,200 ~Mad Scientist~ 5 February 2011
"I am so thrilled that I won the bingo jackpot at the Liner. I just made a deposit and a few games later I heard bingo and looked up and was so thrilled to see that I won the jackpot on the 50th number. At the time I was playing on auto and doing a puzzle with my 4 year old. It was such a great surprise. Thank you again Bingo Liner. - timm

$17,424 win ~Riches of Wonderland ~ 16 February 2011
"First of all, I really have to thank you and everyone at Bingo Lliner for helping make my dream home a reality! We bought a house last summer and it needed a LOT more work than we thought, and the renovations have been ongoing for the last 5 months. With this win, I'm one step closer to finishing the house...this lovely win has gone towards new kitchen floors and cabinets! - AngeJD

$1,394 win ~ The Posh Life~ 25 February 2011
"I still can't believe I won it. It was fantastic, I'm going to buy an executive mahogany desk for my new study, then we are doing some concreting for a new shed and enclosing an outdoor room. It will be such a big help and I look forward to my next big win, thank you to Bingo Liner and good luck to everyone out there playing the games. best wishes" - pommywog

$2,690 win ~ Mermaids Treasure~ 27 February 2011
"I'm very very happy and thanks Bingo Liner. I won this week two big prices total $7000
I think I will use this in my house for a new bathroom" -babe447

$1,606 win ~Jungle Fever ~26 February 2011
"I am so pleased with the win. I was so shocked when the 5 wilds and 5 parrots came up that I was still shaking 45 minutes later. As my partner John has been out of work since the building crash I will use the money to pay my mortgage for March and also put John's van through the test for his tax. It is most welcome. Thank you Skip and all the Bingo Lliner Team. - margiegirl
$1,125 win ~ Slots of Bingo~ 27 February 2011
"It was so awesome to have that win!! I plan on taking my Mom to Vegas in the next couple of weeks, so look out!! Thanks BingoLiner!!!"~ Snazzy11

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