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Table of Contents
A - Introduction
B - Game Play
C - Game Rules
D - Interface Layout
E - Payout Table
F - Glossary

A - Introduction
• Video Poker is an electronic version of the traditional Poker game. Many different versions of this game exist, most only having different payout tables, and might include wildcards (jokers).
• Multi-hand Video Poker is a variation of a standard Video Poker where the player can play multiple hands at once. The player is dealt a single hand on “Deal” and can hold 1 or more cards. Then on “Draw” the player is dealt multiple hands. Each hand is evaluated the same way. Thus in multi-hand Video Poker player may win on each hand played depending on the payout table. Each hand has its own 52 card virtual deck

Note: Video Poker does not have a 'Play for Fun' option.

B - Game Play
• Game play begins by the player placing a bet of one or more credits, selecting how many hands to play, and then pressing the “Deal” button to draw new cards. The player receives 5 cards and is given the opportunity of holding 1 or more cards.
• On pressing the “Draw” button, cards not held will be discarded from each virtual deck of the hands played. The “Deal” cards are also removed from the virtual decks. For each hand, new cards will be drawn from the remaining cards of their respective decks to replace the cards not held.
•After the final set of cards is obtained, the game evaluates each hand and pays the winning hands based on the payout table. Progressive Jackpots are paid out if any winning hand is a “Natural Royal Flush”.
• If a player wins on one or more hands, then he/she can opt to either double up their winnings for the current game or collect the money. The game ends when any of the following occurs: player loses on Draw or Double, player opts to collect.

C - Game Rules
A Player is only allowed to bet with real money – no Bonus Bucks.
Minimum bet possible is 1 hand with a price of $0.10 = $0.10.
Maximum bet possible is 21 hands with a price of $5.00 = $105.00.
• Payout
If a Player is non-purchasing the amount won will be added to Bonus Bucks.
For purchasing players the amount won will be added to Real Money.
• Qualifying for a Progressive Jackpot
A player only qualifies to win the Progressive Jackpot on the highest possible win (i.e. a “Natural Flush”). The progressive can be won on any coin denomination (price), but the progressive amount will change in proportion to the amount bet.
• Progressive Payout
If more than one hand qualifies for the Progressive Win, then the Total Progressive amount gets divided by the amount of hands qualifying for the progressive.
(E.g. if total progressive is 4000 and two hands win, then each hand will win 2000 respectively. Adding up all the wins the total progressive payout will be 4000.)
• Progressive Payout is proportional
The Progressive Jackpot is proportional. If a player bets max bet he/she will be able to win the full amount in the progressive. If the player bets half (50%) of the max possible bet, then he/she will only be able to win half (50%) of the full progressive amount available. Note that the possible Progressive Win Amount gets adjusted in proportion, as the user adjusts his/her bet.
• Winning Hands
The standard poker hands are used.

A poker hand consists of 5 cards. The Ace is considered the highest card, followed by Kings, Queens, Jacks, etc. The lowest card is a two. The object of the game is to get the best hand possible.

In “Deuces Wild” the deuce (two) is a wild card. Wild cards substitute for any other card in the deck in order to make a better poker hand.
Note: The only winning hand where Deuces are not allowed as wild cards is for a “Natural Royal Flush”. All other winning hands below could have one or more deuces as substitute for a card.

The various poker hands are described below from lowest to highest:
• Nothing
The lowest hand, containing 5 cards that don’t qualify for any of the winning hand combinations. This is anything less than Three of a Kind.
• Three of a Kind
Three of the five cards are of the same rank, but no other card has that rank and no other pair exists. Example: three aces.
• Straight
Five consecutive cards, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 that are not all from the same suit. An Ace can be used in two ways. It can be a "1" card in an A, 2, 3, 4, 5 hand, or it can also be placed above the King in a 10, J, Q, K, A sequence.
• Flush
Five cards of the same suit. They do not have to be in any order.
• Full House
3 cards of the same rank, along with a pair. Example: Three Kings and two Aces.
• Four of a Kind
Four cards with the same rank, such as four jacks.
• Straight Flush
This is both a straight and a flush in one hand. Five cards must be in sequential order AND they must be of the same suit.
• Five of a Kind
Five cards with the same rank. This is only possible if one or more cards are deuces.
• Deuces Royal Flush
It is an A, K, Q, J, and 10, all in the same suit, but with one or more of these cards being substituted by a deuce.
• Four Deuces
Four deuces.
• Natural Royal Flush
The best possible hand in poker. You'll rarely ever see this hand. It is an A, K, Q, J, and 10, all in the same suit. No deuces allowed!

• Double
For any win, player is given the opportunity to double his/her winnings. By clicking on "Double" button, the interface changes and the player is presented with a Double interface. This interface displays 5 cards. 1st card is shown face up and the rest of the cards face down. The purpose of this round is to select a card higher than the face up card. Player is required to select one of the face down cards. Once the player has made his/her selection, the other cards are revealed. If the player selects a card higher than the face up card, he/she wins the current double round. If the player selects a card lower than the face up card, he/she loses the double round and loses all his/her winnings. In the case of a win, the player is given two options: to continue the double round or to collect the money.

Deuces don’t count as wild cards in the double game.
No Double is allowed on Progressive Wins
A maximum of 3 doubles are allowed. Draws don’t count as a double (i.e. if card drawn in double matches “card to beat” then this doesn’t count as a double). Additionally the amount won remains unchanged and player can choose to double again, or collect
• A maximum double limit of $4,000 exists. If this limit is reached, then no further double is allowed for the current game.

D - Interface Layout
• Multi-hand Video Poker uses two interface layouts throughout the game. The first is used in normal deal draw play. The second (similar) interface is used when the player opts to double his/her winnings.

• The image below shows the Video Poker deal-draw interface used.

Tag Nr
Short Description Details
Video Poker Settings
Displays a dialog with optional Video Poker Settings. Available settings are: “Auto Hold” and “Game Speed”
Change Bet Player can increase/decrease bet amount. The changes are reflected in Price and Bet fields displayed in (9). Also the payout table (8) is updated to show payout for current bet amount.
Change Nr Hands Player can change number of hands to play from 1 to 21. If one hand is played, then cards are displayed in (5) and (6) is left blank. As player selects hands to play they are added to (6). The amount bet in (9) is also updated if number of hands change.
Deal, Draw, Double, Collect To start game player needs to click “Deal”. The “Deal” button changes to “Draw” and after clicked and draw stage complete, returns to “Deal”.
Player can only click “Double” when valid win and doubles allowed.
Player can click “Collect” after valid win and if not in “Double” stage.
Displays a set of 5 cards per hand played. First hand played is displayed in (5). If more hands are played they are displayed in (6). After “Draw” is clicked this area will display additional information to mark each hand as winning or losing. Below a winning hand the win rank (e.g. “Straight”) is displayed.
Game Id Displays Game Id of either active game, or if game is complete, then of last game played.
Pay table Displays the payouts for all possible winning hands. Payouts change as player increases/decreases the current bet amount. The “Royal Flush” payout displays the current progressive jackpot. This jackpot amount also changes proportionally to the amount bet. To win max jackpot one needs to bet max. If player bets 50% of max possible bet, then he/she only qualifies for 50% of full progressive jackpot.
Display Bet, Won, Hands This area displays information for an active game and settings in place for next game if player clicks “Deal”.
Price – bet for current/next game
Hands – number of hands for current/next game
Bet – bet = price * nr hands
Win – amount won for active game, or completed game
Double Cards Displays the 5 double cards. 1st card is shown face up and cards 2-5 face down. The layer then has to click on one of the face down cards guessing which is higher than the 1st. After player selects a card the 4 card values are revealed and player is notified of either a win, draw, or lose.

The image below shows the Video Poker double interface.

Additional Screenshots of various stages in game play are given below.
(Note: screenshots are taken from Multi-hand Deuces Wild Video Poker)

Min bet, min hands
Player can change amount bet and number of hands to play.

Max bet, max hands
The payout table adjusts as the player increases the bet.
After Deal clicked.
1st set of 5 cards dealt. Player can choose which cards to hold or discard and must then click draw to get 2nd set of cards.
After Draw clicked.
2nd set of cards. Only cards that were not held in the previous stage were replaced. Each hand draw random cards from its virtual deck.
At the bottom of each hand the winning payout ranking is displayed. If hand is not a winning hand, cards are grayed out
After Double clicked.
Player needs to beat 9 of clubs. Then he/she needs to draw 9 or higher. Player has to click on one of the four face down cards
Note: In “Deuces Wild” the Deuces don’t count as wild cards in double stage.
After Player clicked 2nd face down double card. This show the player’s card selection with a yellow highlight. In this case the players card was lower than 9 of clubs and thus the double was lost. After a short timeout the game completes, and the screen returns to the initial screen where the player can choose to deal again.
On winning a double a player can choose to collect winnings and end game, or double up money again.
The amounts of doubles are limited to a certain amount of doubles, or max amount won.

E - Payout Table

The following table describes the payouts for Deuces Wild Video Poker. Since the game is a progressive, the maximum payout – in this case “Natural Royal Flush” is determined by the current progressive counter value. (Note that the minimum progressive value is $4,000. Thus, if a progressive is won it will reset to a minimum value of $4,000.)

The percentage return to player for this game is 95.95%

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.

To calculate the respective payout for a game, multiply the Price selected in the game by the Payout that matches your win.



Natural royal flush

see current progressive value

Four deuces


Wild royal flush


Five of a kind


Straight flush


Four of a kind


Full house






Three of a kind





You played 5 Hands and selected a bet Price of $0.50. You won 3 of a kind on the one hand and a 4 of a kind on another hand.

3 of a kind pays out $0.50 times a payout of 1 = $0.50
4 of a kind pays out $0.50 times a payout of 4 = $2.00

Thus the total payout for the game would be $2.50

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Impact of Disconnection
In the event of a player being unable to complete his current game due to disconnection, the player will be returned to the last game state on next login.

F - Glossary

Non-Purchasing Player – a player is defined as non-purchasing on Registration (i.e. account creation) and this status will only be changed after a valid 1st purchase (via one of the purchasing methods available to the software)


Progressive Jackpot – is a jackpot where the jackpot increases by a small amount for each game played. The jackpot is shared/linked between multiple machines (usually of the same game) and thus grows faster since multiple players are contributing to the same jackpot at the same time.

Rank – in a standard card deck there are exactly 13 ranks for each suit. Ranks are numbered from 2, 3.4,…10, Jack, Q, K, Ace

Suit –in a standard card deck there are exactly four suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades)

Return to player: 96%