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patiencejo won $4,000 on Incan Beauty
“I have never been so lucky in my whole life. Tonight I was down quite a lot & thought keep going you never know & I was right. I have the fire going & am in need of a new one, so that?s where I will have my spoil, a new mattress, appointment at hair dressers & a facial to boot, why not."
J24681 won $4,500 on Genie Fortune
“I was so ecstatic when I hit that roll and just kept winning. I put my bet up and got an amazing spin that paid over $2500... IN ONE GO! I can?t wait to pay off my bills & debt and spoil my gorgeous daughters! I think a spa day for Mum is definitely in order too! This win is life changing in the security it will bring us for the next few months, and the little luxuries we wouldn't normally have!"
yvonnetheresa won $3,965.90 on the Bingo Bonanza
“I plan to take a trip to England to visit my son and his family. Thank you so much for the win on Mother's Day. It was a wonderful surprise! It was the second game I played."
christabelle66 won $1,250 on Pyramids Of Cash
“I was elated with the win. I am going to use the funds for when my daughter and I go to the Luke Bryan concert on May 12th, I have been off work for a while so this came at a perfect time."
Nicole3174 won $3450.58 on Bingo
“It was very exciting to win so much on Bingo, which came at such a great time. This win will go towards paying for my daughters teeth and gives me a bit of relief in paying off the cruise we plan to take this year. So very thankful for the win and the excitement that went with it!"
timasim66 won $3,000 on Secrets Of The Pharaohs
“Thank you Bingoliner for the awesome win on slots $3,000 the game Secrets Of The Pharaohs best slot game. It really made my week as with the money I'll be paying what I owe left on my car. Thanks again Bingoliner for the win, and will be back playing soon. "
dianne6126 won $ 2,050.00 on Lost City of Atlantis
“What I want to do with my winning might go buy myself something out of it all and thanks bingo liner for the win."
Roxsunny won $2,000 on Cash Blizzard
“At first I thought I Was seeing things, but then I started to jump with excitement realizing when I looked into my account of what had just happened. I was so excited. Thank you for the win and I am going to tell everyone how and where I won this. Thank you again."
deejay2354 won $2,000 on Bingo
“We are in the middle of renovating our home, the money I won on Liner will help greatly. I was so excited with my jp win. It has been a while since I have won anything big...@ 47 # I was waiting for 3 #?s got them one after the other... sooooo awesome. "
Sammiryder won $4,000 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“WOW! Thank you once again bingo liner this win on The secret of the pharaohs and my one last week I now have enough to by myself I nice car!! Bingo liner never ceases to give a good Win!! Thank you."
CHELLIELYONS won $1,500 on Jungle Fever
“I just want to say thank you so much for your site, I have been with Bingo Liner for many years and I love it so much, the money what I won will come in very handy, I want to take my family away for a big weekend and spoil them. Again thanks so very much, it?s the best bingo site ever, and believe me I have played them all but yours is by far the best... BIG BIG THANK YOU X "
Avaya1 won $2,700 on Cash Blizzard
“Thank you BingoLiner! I have been playing here for a few years now. I was recently trying out the new slot cash blizzard and was lucky enough to get all penguins and wilds during free spins for a whopping $2,700.00! I plan to put some away, and of course shop with the rest!"
blackie468 won $2,500 on Bingo
“Thank you very much for the win. I am going to Las Vegas with my sister at the end of May and this money really helps."
Msricola won $1,100 on Bingo
“Thank you Bingo Liner, I plan on shopping pay a bill and of course have some more fun spinning."
Ron225 won $2,400 on Slots of Bingo
“Hi was so excited about the win of $2400.00. I couldn't believe it, had to look twice. I love the slot games on your site. Thanks so much and to everyone, keep playing you'll win too."
Dreamblonde won $1871 on Deuces Wild
“I recently started playing again on Bingo Liner and have enjoyed playing all the games, especially the arcade and poker games. I had got down to my last $20 when I decided to play on the Deuces Wild, had only been on there a couple of minutes when I hit the jackpot. WOW couldn't believe it just kept staring, thought it was a dream but no it had happened, $1871.00 was the jackpot. I will be having my 40th wedding anniversary in May so am going to put it towards a holiday with my husband."
stevie61 won $5,000 on Blackbeards Booty
“Dear Bingo Liner..humm let me see..xmas is coming, cows need hay.. and momma needs a new pair of shoes...thank you so much"
dianne6126 won $1,000 on Lost City of Atlantis
“I'm hoping to go on a boat cruise with my husband"
only1codi won $1,122 on African Safari
“Thanks to the guys at bingo liner now I can play some more and put money away for my holiday to Italy! :)"
MmmLala won $2,319 on Bingo
“Bingo Liner Rocks My World! My win came so unexpectedly and was so exciting. A little over $2300 on BONANZA! Do I have plans for this money? Of course I do... SPEND IT =) Liner is my Bingo Home. Love it here and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much"
trishy24 won $1,078 on Cash Carousel
“well first of all a big thank you for my win... we are currently renovating our very old kitchen and funds are getting low, so now we are able to complete the tiling and a few little bits that need some attention..."
Themelons09 won $1,500 on Jungle Fever
“I could not believe it when the 5 lions came onto the screen twice, I was really surprised. I am using the $1500.00 winnings to pay my car rego next month and buy my 2 sons a special treat!! This money will help me give my best friend a very Happy 30th Birthday next week! Thanks Bingo Liner!"
Mrswong won $1,156 on Bingo
“My win of $1000 plus do not know exactly how much as I was not at the computer at the time. I have an International student living with me and she was printing out some material for uni, when I came back there was the money, couldn't believe it chat reckoned I had fallen off the chair with shock. Thank you so much will put it towards a holiday with my sister later in the year. Cheers MrsWong"
dianne6126 won $1,015 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Hi I plan to get myself a new touch screen pc with my winning plus spend some of it on my family Thanks for the win it was long overdue for me Dianne"
Kisses59 won $4,900 on Bingo
“I will be buying my son an xbox360 and television and paying some bills and buy my wardobe of clothes and grandkids presents."
Sammiryder won $2,506 on Pyramids of Cash
“I took my first spin and the next second scatter after scatter popped up, 5 scatters earning me a whopping $2,500! Couldn?t believe it! I mean I got 5 scatters a few months back but to get it again and on my first spin was fantastic! People talk about never winning and it?s all rigged, well think again because not once but twice I have won in a space of a few months! Thank you Bingo Liner you really do make dreams come true!"
Laceyk won $1,500 on slots
“I couldn't believe it when I saw I won. To say I was excited is an understatement. This money will be used towards a small vacation to Niagara Falls, that my husband and I have planned for later this summer. Thanks Bingoliner. You most definitely rock!"
Eyesdown59 won $3,000 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Hello everyone, bingo liner has been good to us! We have won enough to do up our spare room for our grandson Jack who loves sitting on our lap watching bingo! We intend on spending our money buying a cot for when he stays over and we intend on painting bingo balls around the room so he learns to count. Thank you bingo liner."
esther60 won $1,000 on Bingo
“I have no plans for my winnings at this time, gonna sit on it for a bit. But what a great surprise! Thanks"
christabelle66 won $1,209 on Spinning Spurs
“I was totally shocked and very pleased to win on Spinning Spurs, it sure changed my run of luck around. I am going to use it to pamper myself with a vacation of some sort, not sure as to where or when but it's a start to my holiday planning. Thanks very much Bingoliner."
mel51 won $1,875.00 on Blackbeards Booty
“I haven't had much luck lately, so when the 5 Treasure Chests came up it took me a few seconds for it to register, but then it was "air punch" time. My friend to go to Bali with her in October, so looks like my airfare and accommodation is paid for! Cheers Mel51"
Buggerme won $10,000 on Enchanted Garden and Jungle Fever
“I?m going away this week and I?m going to use it on my holiday. I?m also going to buy some new fridges and freezers... and some nice clothes. I?m so happy thank you Bingo Liner!"
Msricola won $1,005 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you Bingoliner! I plan on buying a B.B.Q and doing other shopping."
Walkaboutgypsy won $4,200 on Bingo
“I plan to catch up on bills and maybe treat myself to a new fridge. Cheers."
gemina8 won $2,054 on Slots of Bingo
“Thanks again Bingo Liner I have a lot of fun playing with all my Bingo Friends , and of course I love spinning those wheels lol. A good sum of these wins will go towards my daughter's Orthodontic treatment and of course I will be re spinning on slots with some of it as well. Good luck to all my Bingo butted friends"
Tazzie87 won $1,022 on Enchanted Garden
“The win was amazing! Ill be spending the money on a holiday to Bali. Thanks Bingoliner!"
quickdraw65 won $1,350.00 on Jungle Fever
“Plan to use it taking a trip down south in a few weeks..."
Spirit9 won $10,156.28 on Video Poker
“I never had faith in any Bingo sites, but that has all changed with my lil win with Bingoliner! I plan on taking my 4yr old boy toy shopping until he has everything that he desires... His birthday in a month so I'll give my win to him! Thanks again for the opportunity to win at your site."
Lodden won $1,030.00 on Spinning Spurs
“hey, yes I will use the money on a vacation for me and my loved ones, looking forward to it and thanks for a fun game. Greetings From Inger Lise from Norway."
mikey0861 won $1,250.00 on Pyramids of Cash
“The win was amazing. I was so suprised. I plan on taking my daughter on a shopping spree. Thank you Bingo Liner."
Bmonkey won $3312.50 on Slots
“OMG was about all I could muster for words for about 2 hours after the African safari wheels yielded the sweetest free spin run I have ever seen. The African Safari win will be a help in paying some bills that have slipped behind, I feel that I can now finally get out of the house, take a week in Mexico or mabye three, that?s if the political weather stays safely sunny. Thanks Liner for the surprise win."
Ozgal won $1000.00 on Bingo
“I only ever have played at Bingoliner as I love the site and everyone who play and of course our CM?s, I could not believe my luck when it came up I thought I was dreaming. I will use the money to go on a holiday for few days with my daughter. I just want to say I play at your site because your reliable, honest and credible."
Missclub won $2,362.50 on Spinning Spurs
“Bingoliner is the best website there is... I have won more on this site than any other...I'm spending my winnings on a new carport and maybe a few special things for myself. Thank you so much I love your site"
Pam143 won $1501.50 on Riches of Wonderland
“I'd buy myself a pretty dress and take myself out."
Pommywog won $2,115.00 on Riches of Wonderland
“Thanks Bingo Liner, this will be used to pay a few bills, came at a good time."
Loosewheel won $1000 on Bingo
“I was totally shocked to win the jackpot. To say I was wrapped is an understatement, thought that only happened to others. I had a good day that day actually as I had just won $450 on one of the side games about a minute before and was just getting over that when I saw that I had just won the progressive jackpot. I wasn't sure if I had won until it came up in my balance. My husband's birthday is in a weeks time so I will be spending more on him than I normally do and will be spoiling myself too. Thanks again."

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