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Figure 1 - "Cactus Ranch" quick game

Table of Contents
A-Game play
B-Game rules
C-Payout table

Note: Pull Tabs does not have a 'Play for Fun' option.

A- Game play
Game play begins by the user placing a bet by increasing/decreasing the Price.
• As the user increases/decreases the Price, the payout table adjusts to display possible payouts for selected Price.
• To start a game the player can click either “Buy Card”, “x1”, “x2”, or “x5”.
•If the player clicks on “Buy Card” button then the symbols will only be revealed when the player clicks the relevant pull tab. Thus, the player has to click all 5 pull tabs to complete the game. After each pull tab is revealed, the symbols are matched to the possible win combinations displayed in the pay table. If a match is found, the symbols will animate. The amount won for that tab is added to the ‘WON’ meter displayed at the bottom of the game screen. The total won amount is added to the player’s account balance.
• If the player clicks “x1” then one game is played automatically, the user is not required to click the pull tabs since they are automatically revealed one after the other. The same applies if the player clicks “x2” or “x5”, then the games would be automatically played without any actions from the player.
• Auto play will only be played if the funds are sufficient.
Autoplay may be stopped by clicking on the "Stop Autoplay" button.
• Min Bet = 25c and Max Bet = $2

B- Game Rules
The game can only be played with real money, not bonus bucks.
• If a player is not a purchasing player, then the game winnings will be added to the player’s bonus bucks account. If a player is a purchasing player, then the game winnings will be added to the real account.
• The player cannot exit the quick game or the bingo game while the game is in progress. For example, a player clicks “Buy Card” but has not yet uncovered all tabs. In such cases the exit button and the tabs are disabled.
• Auto play does not require any actions from the player. For each iteration of the game the bet amount is deducted at the beginning of game, and the amount won is credited at the end of the game. If there are insufficient funds to start the next auto play game then auto play is aborted.

C-Payout table
Cactus Range pull tabs is based on the following payout table shown below.

Pay out
Three Bulls
Three Cacti
Three Boots
Three Horse Shoes
Three Sheriff Stars
Three Cowboy Hats
Three Tin Cups
Random loser

Match 3 symbols to win
To calculate final pay out you need to multiply the selected Price x Payout.
For Example:
Price 0.25
Pull tabs reveal 3 Bulls
Thus final payout = Price x Payout = 0.25 x 1000 = 250.00

Impact of Disconnection
Disconnection has no impact on the game. Since this is a single-shot game, the game's wager and profit amounts are updated at the same time. In the event of disconnection the game would either not yet have started, or would have already been completed.

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.

Return to player: 95%