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Figure 1- “Hi Low" quick game

Note: High Low does not have a ' Play for Fun' option.

Game Play Draw one ball between the numbers 1 and 75 and guess whether the next ball is going to be higher or lower that the previous ball.

• Min Coin Size = $1 and Max Coin Size = $20
Thus, Min bet $1 and Max bet is $20
• The game starts by you selecting the initial bet about. In the picture above $1.00 was selected as the starting bet.
• Next press the ‘Draw Ball’ button. A Bingo ball with a number from 1 to 75 on it will drop down.
• You now have to guess if the next ball is going to be higher or lower than the number that has been drawn.
• The prize money is calculated according to your win chances. So if a low number has been drawn, lets say 10, and you want to bet ‘Lower’ then the amount you can win is higher than if you were to bet ‘Higher’. It is simply because there are less numbers below 10 than there are numbers above 10.
• The game ends when any of the following happens: once you have made 10 bets and won each of them; you opted to ‘Collect’ your winnings; you guessed wrong. If you guessed incorrectly, you would lose your bet and accumulated winning.
• If a ball with number 1 is called, then you can only bet higher and the prize is the same as your bet, and accumulated winning. The same applies to number 75, where the player can only bet lower and the prize is the same as the bet or current accumulated winning
• If the same number ball is called consecutively, then the result is even; i.e. the number 10 is called, and after the player has made a choice, the number 10 ball is called again. This results in a draw, and no winnings are accrued


Impact of Disconnection
Where the player is disconnected during the Gamble feature, the player will be awarded the amount won at the time of disconnection i.e. the result would be same as the player hitting COLLECT at the moment of disconnection.

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Return to player: 93%