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Figure 1 - Pirates Treasure Quick Game

Table of Contents

A-Game play
B-Game rules
C-Payout table

Note: Pirate's Treasure does not have a ' Play for Fun' option.

A- Game play
Game play starts with a blank screen displaying only the maximum win
(“Win up to …”).
• To start a game a player has to select the amount to bet, and then click “Buy Card”.
• The bet amount can be changed by clicking the price +/- buttons. Note as the price changes so does the maximum possible win displayed in the “Win up to ….” Field.
• After choosing an appropriate bet amount, click “Buy card”. This will reveal a scratch card with four closed treasure chests and a pot of gold that reveals the possible win. To obtain the pot of gold and thus the winning prize one has to find at least 3 treasures hidden in the treasure chests.
• To reveal if a treasure is hidden within a chest, click each chest. It will open and either be empty or show a treasure within. If you reveal 3 or more treasure you win the pot of gold.
• The pot of gold win amount changes randomly for each new card, with the maximum possible win displayed in “Win up to …”
• The player can click the auto play buttons: “x1”, “x2”, “x5” to play 1, 2, or 5 cards respectively. In auto play the cards are “scratched” automatically. Thus, no user interaction is required to reveal the content of the chests

B- Game rules
• When entering the quick game and at the end of each game the game screen will not display any treasure chests. This is the initial state of the scratch card. (No treasure chests or pot of gold are visible).
• Display the maximum possible win in the “WIN UP TO …” field. The win amount shown is adjusted proportionally, as the user increases/decreases the bet amount. The maximum possible win amount is $2,500.00 for a maximum bet of $2.00. Maximum wins for each possible bet amount are listed in the table below. A player can only play with real money. (no bonus bucks).
• If player is non-purchasing then game winnings go into bonus bucks account.
• When multiple games are played in auto play mode, then player balance is checked before begin of each game and if balance is insufficient then auto play is cancelled and player notified of insufficient funds.
At the end of each game the amount won is credited to the players account.
• At the beginning of a new game the game id is updated with the new games unique id received from server.
• While a game is in progress the player cannot exit the game or change quick game tabs.

C- Payout table

Bet amount
Maximum possible win

Impact of Disconnection
Disconnection has no impact on the game. Since this is a single-shot game, the game's wager and profit amounts are updated at the same time. In the event of disconnection the game would either not yet have started, or would have already been completed.

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.

Return to player: 92%