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Cash Carousel (5 Reel) General Rules:
Cash Carousel pays out when winning symbols match up consecutively from left to right on the same payline, as per the paytable. The player shall only be paid out on the highest win on any given pay line. All wins occur on selected lines only, except scatter wins, which can pay out anywhere on the screen.
All payline wins are multiplied by Coins Per Line.
Coinciding wins on different paylines are all added and paid.
Cash Carousel has an Autoplay feature, which allows players to leave the slot while the machine will automatically play for them. The player can configure Autoplay to:
1) Set a ‘loss limit’, i.e. stop if the total losses reach a specified amount or stop if your real balance decreases by the specified amount;
2) Set a ‘single win limit’, i.e. stop if the win reaches a specified amount;
3) Stop if the total wins reach a specified amount or stop if your real balance increases by the specified amount;
4) Stop after a set number of spins.

1. In order to activate auto-play the player has to set the stake, number of auto-play gambles and the loss limit (point 1 above).
2. Playing with multiple options selected, the condition that is satisfied first will take precedence over the others and remaining selected conditions will be ignored.
3. Auto-play can be stopped by clicking on the "Stop" button that appears on the auto-play Configuration panel.

Slots do not have a 'Play for Fun' feature.
Slots can only be played with a real money balance, bonus bucks cannot be used to play any slots.

The total bet is calculated by = Coin Size x Lines Played x Coins Per Line

Pay out Rules:
Win (in coins) = Coins Per Line x Payout shown in the paytable.
Win (in currency) = Win in coins x Coin Size.

Special Features
The game is a Classic 5 reel 9 line Slot game with Bonus game. The player can only play 9 lines.

Coin Size
min coins per line = 1 and max coins per line = 5

normal players (bronze, silver, gold) VIP players (platinum, diamond)
Min coin size = 1c and max coin size = 60c Min coin size = 1c and max coin size = $1.20
Thus, min bet is 1c and max bet is $27.00 Thus, min bet is 1c and max bet is $54.00


Paytable Button
Access the paytable which shows all the payouts for the respective symbols.
Coin Size
Adjusts the coin size.
Bet Max
Bets the maximum amount of coins per selected coin size, and spin the reels.
Lines Played
The game is played with 9 fixed lines.
Coins Per Line
Adjusts the number of coins per line.


Coins Bet
Shows the number of coins bet by the player.
Coins Won
Shows the number of coins won.

Pay lines:
The pattern for the 9 pay lines is as follows

Wins occur on selected paylines, except scatter symbol wins and Spin symbol wins. Scatter symbols can occupy any position on the reels. Spin symbols can occupy any position on the reel from left to right, beginning with reel 1. In case of multiple payline wins, all winning lines and the wins per line are shown consecutively after the game finished. The Total Coins Won for that round is calculated by multiplying the number of coins won per line with the Coins Per Line and adding up the totals.

Specific Rules
In the event of Multiple wins on the same payline, the player will be paid the highest win only

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes for ALL symbols, including the Scatter and Spin symbols. The Wild symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Scatter Symbol:

If a player gets 3 or more Scatter symbols ANYWHERE on the screen, they will win a scatter pay award as per the paytable.
All Scatter wins will be multiplied by the total amount of coins bet.
Scatter wins are added to payline wins.

Spin Symbol

Spin Bonus
The Spin Bonus is triggered when the player gets 3 or more Spin symbols Scattered from left to right, beginning with reel 1. The number of spins awarded depends on the number of Spin symbols on the triggering spin, i.e. 3, 4 or 5 Spin Symbols left to right triggers 3, 4 or 5 spins on the Bonus Wheel respectively.
The Total Coins won during the Spin Bonus are multiplied by the number of coins bet per line to determine the prize.

In the example below the Bonus Round is triggered by 2 Wild symbols on reels 2 and 3 substituting for Spin symbols, thus creating 3 Spin symbols from left to right:

The Bonus Wheel

Impact of Disconnection
Disconnection during a base game, where no wins occurred, will restore the game to its normal active state. If it was a winning base game, the game is automatically completed, and the next time the player logs back in to game, the account balance is changed and reflects the result (previous balance + win amount from the game).The winning state of the disconnected game is not shown on re-login.

Disconnection during the Bonus Round will return the game to the state it was before disconnection, i.e. all winnings will be restored to the state prior to disconnection.

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Return to player: 93.27%