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Bingo Game

Table of Contents
A- How to play 75 Ball Bingo
B- Buying Cards
C- Current Game Info
D- Next Game Info
E- Chat
F- General

A- How to play 75 Ball Bingo

• Bingo cards have random numbers ranging from 1 to 75; numbers are called from a pool of 75 balls and are marked off on the player’s cards if they match. The winner is the first player whose card has all the matching balls marked off in a predefined pattern.

• Bingo Cards and Patterns - Bingo cards are divided into groups of numbers. The groups are named after letters in the word Bingo. Group 1 is called B and numbers range from 1 to 15. Group 2 is called I and numbers range from 16 to 30 etc. Each of the 5 columns on a card has random numbers from the respective number ranges on them. See the Table below.

Number Range

• The pattern that players are trying to achieve can differ greatly – anything from a standard single line to more complicated themed patterns. The aim of the Bingo game is always the same: mark the numbers to achieve the pattern and win bingo.

• Each game has a single “Bingo pattern” associated with it, and this Bingo pattern will define the winning card/s. The pattern is a 5x5 square; with the centre block ignored. The game will then select a predefined 5x5 pattern, called the “Bingo Pattern”. This pattern is the winning pattern of this game.

• Once the game has begun you can watch as the numbers are automatically called and marked off on your cards. The computer will call out in random order all 75 Bingo balls. If a user’s card contains the called number then that number is marked off. If the marked off numbers match the winning pattern, the player wins the game.

• While the game is in progress, the leaderboard will indicate which cards are closest to winning Bingo. The leaderboard will display how many players have cards close to winning bingo, as well as your own cards which are close to winning.

• Your cards that are displayed on the screen will automatically change from: Bingo in 4, to bingo in 3, to bingo in 2 etc until you have 0 to go until Bingo. If you have 0 to go, you then win the bingo game.

B- Buying Cards:

•When a player logs into the site, they will have the opportunity to buy cards for the next Bingo game by clicking on the "Buy Cards" button. The time until the next game is indicated as well as the number of cards that the player currently holds. The information for the next Bingo game (Prize, Jackpot, progressive jackpot prize, number of players, pattern) is displayed on the page.

•If the player is already in a bingo game, the player can buy cards by clicking on the "buy" button. The prize as well as card cost will be indicated when clicking buy. Once the initial buy button has been clicked, the player is then able to select their number of cards as well as view the game information.

•The number of cards you select will be indicated as well as the cost. The info for the next game that the player is buying into, is displayed: the time till the next game starts; Prize, Jackpot, progressive jackpot prize, number of players, pattern as well as the cost per card for the next game and the bonus cards. The number of bonus cards will vary from Game to Game; you will see for example 3:1. This simply means that in the next game you can buy 3 cards and get 1 free.

Clicking the Buy button

Clicking the "Buy" button, will purchase the number of cards specified and return the player to the Bingo screen.

• Click the button to buy cards for the next bingo game. The card prices will vary from game to game.

C- Current Game Info:

• Prize : The prize amount depends on the number of players participating in the game and the number of cards purchased.

• Jackpot : All games are played for a Jackpot. The Jackpot is won by the first player to achieve bingo within a certain predefined “number of balls”. If there is no winner of the Jackpot in a certain game, then the jackpot is rolled over to the next game. Jackpots can be changed and can vary according to hours of play and patterns.
If the jackpot is won it will automatically reset back to the minimum jackpot amount that is set for that>
• If the Jackpot is won by more than one person, it is shared between the winners. Each player's share is determined by the number of cards that reached Bingo held by each player, i.e. if player 1 has got two winning cards and player 2 has one winning card, player 1 will get 2/3 of the jackpot and player two will get 1/3 of the jackpot.

• The jackpot contribution for each player is between 0%-1%.

• Bingo Bonanza : The Bingo Bonanza is the Progressive Jackpot and varies proportionally to the card price played. The Bingo Bonanza is a jackpot played across all participating sites. It is therefore possible for this Progressive Jackpot to be won at another participating site. The starting value of this jackpot is $10,000 for a $1 card, and therefore $1,000 for a 10p card, etc.

• The Bonanza prize can only be won when a Bingo Bonanza pattern is playing - not all games will have a bonanza prize. The Bingo Bonanza is funded at a rate of 1% of the bingo wagering.

• In the unlikely event that the Bingo Bonanza is won at two participating sites at very close to the same time, then the jackpot amount displayed may not have had sufficient time to correctly reflect the initial win. In this case, the first player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the Progressive Jackpot payout and the second player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the starting value as stated above.

•Information on the number of Balls to Jackpot - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls he will win the jackpot. The balls to jackpot is indicated by the number in brackets, in the jackpot textbox.

•Information on the number of Balls to win the Bonanza - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls, then he will win the Bonanza Jackpot. The number of balls to Bingo and win the Bonanza is indicated by the number in brackets in the Bonanza textbox.

• Price denominations can vary from game to game. Some games may offer free cards on a preset buy-in ratio, i.e. buy 1 get 1 free.

• The total amount of players – This will vary from game to game depending on how many players are participating in that particular bingo game.

• Mini Games: If there is going to be a mini game in the next bingo game, the name and type of Mini game will appear in the Mini Game textbox.

D- Next Game Info

When the player logs into the site and is not currently playing a Bingo game, the next game information is displayed in the top right section. If the player is currently playing a Bingo game, the prize for the next game is visible in the "Next Prize" box below the player's cards.


You can chat to other players through the bingo chat interface.

Bingo chat is moderated by chat leaders. To chat to other players, type in the bottom text area and press "send". The message will be posted on the chat board. To close the chat board, just click the "x" button.
The bingo game is shared across a network of bingo sites. When chatting, you will see other players in the bingo chat room with a suffix attached to their chat name i.e -bl, -bc. This suffix indicates the site that the player is playing on. This suffix will also be shown on the winner’s announcement to display the winner in the game.

F- General

Impact of Disconnection

Once a player has purchased cards for a game, then no further game interaction is required from the player to complete that game. Thus, in the event of a player being disconnected, the game will be completed without a player's presence, and all winnings will be credited to the player's account.
If a player has purchased cards for the subsequent Bingo game and that game had not yet started at the time of disconnection, the game will be completed and the player can see the result in game logs after the next login.

Please note that if a player is disconnected while playing a currently active bingo game, then the player will only be able to log in again after that game has completed.


Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.